Sarah Teller is a Brooklyn based visual artist. She documents the life and customs of her Ultra Orthodox Hasidic family and the traditions of the community. Teller’s work explores many levels of simultaneous insider and outsider-hood, as the sole woman in her immediate family, as a woman in a patriarchal society where women occupy spaces on the margin of public life, and as a photographer who is both a documentarian and participant in the world around her. 

Sarah graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Photography & Video where she now serves as an adjunct faculty member. 

2017 Mentor’s Show, SVA Chelsea Gallery, NYC
2017, Solo Show, SVA, NYC

Artist Talk:
2018, PCA&D, Lancaster, PA
2018, Marble Hill Camera Club, Queens, NY

2017, SVA Alumni Scholarship Award

Ami Magazine, Yeger for City Council, The Jewish Forward, Harper’s Magazine, GQ